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Welcome.. To the Moonlight Arena

This Role Play Guild was founded by Reian Stargazer.

The Aim of the guild is to get the Rp players who enjoy a bit of PvP and the PvP players who have nothing to do between battles or just need a break to come together.

Its in best words a Dueling Guild. Think of a bunch of Military people who have been removed from the wars for what ever these each of them may have and decided " I quite miss the fighting."  Forming this group of people that are divided into two teams (for now) Red & Blue and they have regulare competitions to decide their own team Champion and the Champion out of all of them.

Its not all Fighting.

We well have a Council to help with problems in the guild say... I fighter spat at an Officer! ah! the officer would give them a slap but they still need to be punished properly. etc...

Traders are needed for supplies of armour and weapons. and Ale!

We are aiming to be a Shadey bunch but organised and well mannered for the most part.
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Charter Signed.

Stargazer, Nov 8, 11 1:47 PM.
So thats the Charter Signed, two Bank tabs Bought, Tabard done. Ranks Done. Now to Recruit!
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